Nov 2023   Our group had a thanksgiving dinner at my home - No turkey but hotpot. 

Nov 2023   Yuchen Bian joined our group as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome Yuchen!

Oct 2023   Yijie Cheng joined our group as a PhD student. Welcome Yijie!

Aug 2023   Xinyue is teaching MSE425 Biomaterials and Biocompatibility in Fall 2023. It is an undergraduate-level course open to juniors and seniors. 27 students from Materials Science, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering are taking the course. 

Aug 2023   We started our lab in the basement of Anthony Hall! A wonderland for experiments.

July 2023   Xinyue, as a co-PI, received an NSF grant on In-situ Hydrogel-MXene Biosensors in collaboration with Dr. Shaoting Lin at MSU and Dr. Chenglin Wu at Texas A&M University.

June 2023   Xinyue started recruiting students at MSU in Fall 2023.