Xinyue Liu, Ph.D.

Xinyue Liu will join the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science (ChEMS) and Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME) at Michigan State University (MSU) as an assistant professor in September 2023. Her research group will focus on developing devices and systems for human health monitoring and building energy-saving based on soft material technologies.

Xinyue Liu is now working with Professor Evelyn Wang at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Her postdoctoral research is about designing hydrogels for atmospheric water harvesting and thermal energy storage. She received her Ph. D. in Mechanical Engineering at MIT with Professor Xuanhe Zhao in 2021. Her doctoral research is about developing hydrogel biosensors that can achieve environmental chemical sensing, prolonged physiological monitoring, and optical recording. Xinyue Liu has been the recipient of Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia, MRS Graduate Student Award, and Mechanical Engineering Rising Stars at UC Berkeley and MIT. 

Join Us!

Liu Research Group at MSU is looking for highly creative and motivated researchers in broad areas of material science, mechanical engineering, synthetic biology, biomedical engineering, and/or thermal engineering. 

Advising Statement

At the Liu Research Group, we are committed to fostering creativity, collaboration, and academic excellence among our students and postdoctoral researchers. We highly encourage collaborations among group members and with external teams to develop novel living materials systems and applications. There is no hierarchical structure and each group member will directly discuss his/her/their research ideas and progress with the PI. We will create an independent project/task for each incoming student. As a student develops expertise in the field, we expect the student will identify novel and exciting directions and create and lead their own projects. In addition to having a weekly group meeting that discusses research ideas and literature studies, we will also set up a weekly or biweekly meeting with each group member.